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1st Italian patented coffee with natural herbs and spices: taste it better with your partner!


Sensual coffee cream


The revolutionary patented Italian roasted coffee with tonifying herbs and oriental spices.


Our daily life is ever more full of stress and empty of deep sensations: we work, we run, the time seems contracted.


Sensualcaffè® may be your preferred cup of coffee during your best times: whenever you would taste with your partner a delicious beverage.


Simply brew it as your traditional coffee and feel the uncomparable taste of its aromatic herbe and spices,


It contains only slowly roasted Arabica coffees and whole micronized vegetal ingredients all recognized by the scientific community for their tonifying and beneficial properties.



Some Sensual Coffee products

Sensualcoffee is 100% vegetal and natural Italian product. Suitable for Wegans.

If you could be interested for a business opportunity also with our healthy and traditional coffee lines, have a look to:

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Sensual Coffee (r) Italy


Sensual couple

Sensualcaffè is available in any grinding size suitable for all method of preparation:

- ground in 250 g (8,8 oz) bags,

- monodosys sackets,,

- ESE paper pods for espresso machines,,

- compatible capsules for any Espresso machines.

Herbs & Properties
We use only natural and selected ingredients to let you enjoy innovative sensual taste and tonifying effects.

We are searching worlwide Exclusive Distributors introduced in food and beverage field.


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