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The best way to present us is to speak of quality. GVM, born 8 years ago, has ever followed carefully and daily the best steps to offer the best products at the best price to the world market. Also we have ever followed the best practice in the IP (intellectual property) protecting and registering our patents and brands all over the world.

The state-of-the-art plant, where is produced the Sensual coffee, is situated in a pollution free region. The production plant meets all the hygiene and safety requirements, and has been conceived to be environmental-friendly.
The plant has obtained the certification according to HACCP regulations.

The production cycle starts with a careful and thorough selection of green coffee, herbs and spices. We import only the freshest herbs and spices from certified plantations.

Our production process is a mixture of the skill of artisans along with the precision of technology.

The green coffees are blended and roasted. The innovative coffee roaster equipment allows to produce our blends using the best roasting and cooling systems.

We then let the coffee season to obtain the "caffeone", respansable of the rich and persistent Espresso cream. The absence of oxygen avoids the oxidation of the product and therefore the loss of the organoleptic characteristics. This also allows to preserve the aromatic essences.. The seasoning final process need seven to fifteen days depending on the temperature.

The herbs are also brought to the necessary degree of humidity and milled carefully. A special attention is paid to the granulometric sizes and to the right humidity required by each ingredient to permit the best results when Sensualaffè™ line will be brewed.

The ingredients are finally infused and mixed carefully in a modern equipment.

Quality controls according to HCCP certifications

We offer to our apreciated customers only high quality 100% natural and vegetal products.

Sensualcaffè™ and our other lines of products, as Fitness Coffee®, Cannabissimo®, Espresso Prima Classe®, do not contain:

- artificial additives,
- artificial colorings,
- artificial flavors,
- preservatives,
- MSG (monosodium glutamate),
- sugar,
- Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

We only purchases from certified suppliers, inspects all the incoming material and uses the most modern electronic equipments in every step of the production cycle.

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